The user is the focal point in the contracting strategy
for the new school building.
Eveline Snijders - van Erp, LLM
School building in Nijmegen
10 april 2015 By admin


The construction of a new school building as planned by the Procollege educational institute in Nijmegen had to be suitable for learning above anything else. A healthy climate in the classrooms, sustainable building materials and a vision of a 40-year horizon on life-cycle costs. TNO InnovatieCentrum Bouw (Construction Innovation Centre of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) was instructed to convert this into a vision and a schedule of requirements and to guide the tender, design and implementation. Croon lawyers was engaged by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) to draw up a suitable contract.



Sustainability and social responsibility

More and more organisations set sustainability as a precondition. For example, in new building projects, but also in the management and maintenance of those assets. Eveline Snijders: “It’s a development we feel strongly about, professionally, but also on account of our social responsibility. We’ve done these types of assignments before, yet the fact that maintenance had to be contracted for a period of no less than 40 years was new. Currently this mostly doesn’t exceed 20 years for most buildings”


Contractual incentives

Eveline Snijders: “Tendering the maintenance for a building for such a long period requires flexibility in the contract. After all, it’s impossible to foresee all developments ahead. We drew up a Design, Construction and Maintain contract in which the contractor was given the space to optimise the life cycle costs”.


"Het klopte juridisch voor de volle 100%".

“The technical aspects of this assignment were a challenge to us, ones we specialise in here at TNO. Yet developing a 40-year management and maintenance contract which at the same time needs to be put out to European tender is moving into unfamiliar territory for us. Croon lawyers, on the basis of the UAV-GC and the basic agreements, with maximum attention for the wishes and requirements of the client, have successfully developed a transparent contract. Within the context of the tender and implementation of the project, that contract offers a highly practical and clear framework, which has stood the test and proved 100% legally sound so far. This, in combination with the practical and quick method of working of Croon lawyers, means I can look back on our cooperation with full satisfaction”.

Mr Van der Vlies, TNO (Construction Innovation Centre of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)