The main qualification is the quality of the coffee. Misha Leppers, LLM, ing.
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Key feature in the Rotterdamsebaan project is the construction of a 1.8km bored tunnel east of The Hague. After the successful construction of the bored tunnel of the North/South Metro Line, confidence in the application of the technology in urban areas has surged. The fact that the project director of the Rotterdamsebaan construction was also responsible for the bored tunnel of the North/South Metro Line was therefore not entirely coincidental. And the same applies for the involvement of Croon lawyers.


Management and maintenance

Misha Leppers: “Our experience, method of working and the results achieved in Amsterdam have of course had a positive effect on being selected legal advisor for the Rotterdamsebaan project. The project itself is a reasonably straightforward UAV-GC 2005-based DBM contract. A special feature is the maintenance period covering 15 years. The manner in which this had to be laid down contractually formed the biggest challenge for us”.



Customised contract

Leppers: “In close consultation with the client, we reached an arrangement in respect of the maintenance period in which the contractor pays for the availability of the tunnel”. For reasons of security, a minimum maintenance budget has been set (percentage of the ceiling price) to ensure that the tunnel is sufficiently maintained. Furthermore, maximum space has been created for the contractor to optimise the maintenance themselves. Leppers: “This meant we customised the maintenance contract”.


Part of the project team

Leppers: “We’ve advised the Rotterdamsebaan project team from the very outset. In order to do this properly, you need to become part of the team. That’s also how we like to work. It means you can continue to follow the developments and progress and at the same time you know and understand the philosophy and culture of the client. You understand why he doesn’t opt for detailed tender specifications and why he creates space for the contractor instead. And you also understand what he means when he says that the main specification is that of the quality of the coffee”.

“Today these boys and girls at Croon lawyers practically know as much about boring tunnels as I do myself".

“Today these boys and girls at Croon lawyers practically know as much about boring tunnels as I do myself. They have been involved in major infrastructure projects for such a long time, you don’t need to tell them much. They can quickly penetrate to the core of the issue and provide advice based on experience and expertise. As a general director, I am looking for maximum comfort in all disciplines that converge under my responsibility. In terms of the legal domain, you can trust Croon lawyers”.

Paul Janssen | Projectmanager Rotterdamsebaan