Construction law

Construction law

Croon lawyers are specialists in civil-law construction law, in the broadest sense of the word. We can guide you in drawing up contracts, advise on the interpretation thereof and, if so required, act as your counsel in the event of a dispute.


Drawing up contracts

Croon lawyers draw up building contracts, ranging from traditional UAV 1989 or Stabu-based contracts, to integrated contracts (Design & Build; Design, Build & Maintain; Design, Build, Finance & Maintain), based on UAV-GC 2005 or otherwise. The standardised contracts are of course also fully geared to your specific requirements and wishes.


Interpretation of contracts

In practice, clients and contractors often have different interpretations once a contract has been concluded. We advise on the interpretation of contracts and on your chances in the event of proceedings before a College of Arbiters or in the civil courts.



A dispute cannot always be avoided. In that case, Croon lawyers will be happy to assist you in complex (technical) construction disputes before a College of Arbiters or in the civil courts.

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